Company Formation UK – Threats and Tips to Avoid Them

Company formation in UK is easy but to keep it protected from potential threat is rather difficult. The purpose of this article is to provide you with tips that can help your company trade safely. These tips are meant to guard your business and its reputation against any threat that can defame it. You may find the tips rather simple; but they will prove to be highly effective, if followed properly.

Company hijack is a great threat. When you submit the documents to Companies House, they do not verify the bona fide of a form to change the address of a company or to appoint new directors. This fact makes it possible for fraudsters to hijack companies. You can prevent this from affecting your company by implementing a lock down feature. This feature is meant to prevent any changes to your company secretary hong kong company record.

You have threat from people who have registered a company name that is confusingly similar to your company. If the owner/owners of that company are not honest, they may take advantage of good reputation and credit standing of your company and order goods and services by using the name of your company. If you find that there is any problem with the name of your company, you can object to the registration of the company name.

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