Aesthete Collection

The Aesthete Collection is an exquisite diverse set of 140 hand-crafted artistic actions that uniquely combines intricate moods and colorful radiant jewel-tones to give you beautiful spellbinding images. This collection was designed with all genres of photography in mind. From Fine Art to Editorial work this collection offers the perfect blends and finishes that are all completely customizable to your needs.

Get the perfect creamy blur and/or Bokeh in your backgrounds with the included ���Creative Bokeh��� actions. Also try out the ���Seasalt���s Favorite Blends��� for our own hand-selected favorite all-in-one recipe blends from this collection for added unique effects. Infuse your images with stunning light that includes movable glowing sun/moon lights, tinted dimensional light, unique radiant back-light colors and paint on tinted light brushes. Our add-on effects actions allow you to add magical misty haze, smoky fog and subtle rain. With just a click of the mouse you can starross your image and transform your work from vision to reality.

These actions are designed to be easy to follow with our built in guides to help you along the way. Each action is crafted with you in mind, giving full flexibility to customize every element to create your own look. As always, you have peace of mind knowing our actions run without ever being destructive to your original image.

This collection includes:

Basic Clean Editing
Paint-On Brush Actions
Color Toning
Luminous Lighting
Creative Bokeh Enhancements
Moody & Ethereal Effects
Stunning Black & Whites
Special Photo Effects
All-In-One Recipe Maker

NON-DESTRUCTIVE, STACKABLE & CUSTOMIZABLEEvery one of our action collections are developed so that you have full control over every aspect of each action providing you the flexibility to experiment for endless creativity.

BUILT FOR OPTIMIZATIONTried and true our actions are unmatched by any other product in the market and are built with the fewest steps as possible thus allowing you to genuinely speed up your workflow.



EXTRAS | Take A Snapshot (PS CC6-CC)
EXTRAS | Revert To Original (PS CC6-CC)
EXTRAS | Group Layers (PS CC6-CC)


FOUNDATIONS | Clean & Light
FOUNDATIONS | Clean & Rich
FOUNDATIONS | Clean & Colorful
FOUNDATIONS | Play All Foundations (PS CC6-CC )


ESSENTIALS | Auto Histogram
ESSENTIALS | Exposure +/-
ESSENTIALS | Contrast +/-
ESSENTIALS | Saturation +/-
ESSENTIALS | Temperature +/-
ESSENTIALS | Highlights +/-
ESSENTIALS | Shadows +/-
ESSENTIALS | Midtones +/-
ESSENTIALS | Noise ���
ESSENTIALS | Color Cast Fixer (brush)
ESSENTIALS | Brighten (brush)
ESSENTIALS | Darken (brush)
ESSENTIALS | Color Pop (brush)
ESSENTIALS | Lens FX (lens correction)
ESSENTIALS | Fix Unwanted Objects


BOKEH | Soft & Smooth (brush)
BOKEH | Silky Smooth (brEH | Dreamy Bokeh Blur
BOKEH | Perfect Creamy Background
BOKEH | Creamy Background + Bokeh
BOKEH | Creamy Background + Brighter Bokeh


��������� ACR Tones ���������(For PS CS6-CC+. Photoshop Elements does not support Adobe Camera Raw Presets)

ACR | Lust
ACR | Gluttony
ACR | Greed
ACR | Sloth
ACR | Wrath
ACR | Envy
ACR | Pride
ACR | Play All ACR Tones

��������� Moody Tones ���������

TONES | Musings
TONES | Hymnless
TONES | Seraphim
TONES | Paladin
TONES | A Little Twisted
TONES | Season of the Witch
TONES | Labyrinth
TONES | Circe
TONES | Judas
TONES | Nevermore
TONES | Poretold
TONES | Moon Dance
TONES | Seven Wonders
TONES | Crystal Ball
TONES | Cantara
TONES | Tessellate
TONES | To the Hilt
TONES | Severance
TONES | Watch Tower
TONES | Earthing
TONES | Play All Moody Tones

��������� Lighter Tones ���������

TONES | Wilshire
TONES | 30 Something
TONES | Suncatcher
TONES | Hush
TONES | Note to Self
TONES | Onsra
TONES | Undine
TONES | Songbird
TONES | Cutting Threads
TONES | Landslide
TONES | Wasted Acres
TONES | Embers
TONES | Pandora
TONES | Play All Lighter Tones

? B+ W TONES ?

B+W | Windfall
B+W | Fault in the Stars
B+W | Moonchild
B+W | Enigma
B+W | Gasoline
B+W | So Mote it Be
B+W | Bad Habit
B+W | Dead Can Dance
B+W | Play All B+W Tones


BLENDS | Witchy B+W
BLENDS | Jeepers Creepers
BLENDS | Dream Walker
BLENDS | Copper & Fields (PS CC6-CC)
BLENDS | Sunny Orchard
BLENDS | Golden Hour
BLENDS | Warm Editorial


��������� sun/moon light ���������

LIGHTS | Andromeda (movable)
LIGHTS | Mirtha (movable)
LIGHTS | Theia (movable)
LIGHTS | Eos (movable)
LIGHTS | Sol (movable)
LIGHTS | Neaera (movable)
LIGHTS | Sirius (movable)
LIGHTS | Apollo (movable)
LIGHTS | Aurora (movable)
LIGHTS | Helios (movable)
LIGHTS | New Moon (movable)
LIGHTS | Filtered Light Tints��� Soft Natural Ligt��� Crimson

��������� light infusions ���������

INFUSION | Instructions
INFUSION | Neutral Light
INFUSION | Sweet Rose
INFUSION | Sunshine
INFUSION | Play All Infusions

��������� light brushes ���������

LIGHTS | Birch (brush)
LIGHTS | Vintage Rose (brush)
LIGHTS | Lavender (brush)
LIGHTS | Icy Breath (brush)
LIGHTS | Minted (brush)
LIGHTS | Brushfire (brush)
LIGHTS | Golden Hour (brush)
LIGHTS | Sunshine (brush)

��������� backlight color ���������

BACKLIGHT | Birch Tree
BACKLIGHT | French Press
BACKLIGHT | Sunny Orchard
BACKLIGHT | Hells Fire
BACKLIGHT | Fire Stone
BACKLIGHT | Butterfly Wings
BACKLIGHT | Coral Gables
BACKLIGHT | Dawning Pink
BACKLIGHT | Sunflower
BACKLIGHT | Confetti
BACKLIGHT | Misty Rose
BACKLIGHT | Summer Plum
BACKLIGHT | Fashionista
BACKLIGHT | Mountain Ridge
BACKLIGHT | Sterling
BACKLIGHT | Super Nova
BACKLIGHT | Poseidon

EFFECTS | Color Paints (brush)��� Milk��� Teardrops��� Vintage Rose��� Copper��� Marigold��� Midnight��� Eggplant��� Forest��� Crimson��� Twilight

EFFECTS | Tinted Vignettes (darker tones)��� Twilight Zone��� Spellbound��� Slate��� Dusk��� Earthly��� Fair Isle��� Summer Plum��� Gypsy��� Deep Rose

EFFECTS | Tinted Vignettes (lighter tones)��� Chantilly Lace��� Muskoka Trail��� Pampas��� Fanfare��� Hampshire Rocks��� Cactus Flower��� Sunlit Coral��� Tangerine Dream��� Sunset Boulevard

EFFECTS | Smoke/Fog Effect #1 (brush)

EFFECTS | Smoke/Fog Effect #2 (brush)

EFFECTS | Smoke/Fog Effect #3 (brush)

EFFECTS | Misty Haze (brush)

EFFECTS | Foggy Horizon (movable)

EFFECTS | Fog/Mist/Smoke Tints��� Milk��� Silver Bullet��� Birch��� Peachy��� Icy Breath��� Cool Mint��� Lavender��� Charcoal

EFFEeed basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to use any of our products.



Include ATN. file versions for Adobe��� Photoshop��� PS CS2-CC, PSE 11

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