Bw Nista Geometric

Bw Nista is a clean modernist sans serif font family. Designed to provide a neutral tone of voice, it comes in three different sets each with subtle features portraying different personalities.

Bw Nista Grotesk���s clean shapes are peppered with subdued quirky details, marrying the warmer feel of the early grotesques from the 19th Century with a contemporary approach. Bw Nista International taps into the utterly functional grid-based Swiss style thanks to its strict and rational shapes, removing all quirkiness of its Grotesk sibling, while Bw Nista Geometric offers a minimalistic interpretation of the genre, achieving an even simpler and cleaner feel.

Designed by Alberto Romanos, all three variations of Bw Nista are available in 7 weights from the elegant Thin to the authoritative Black with matching oblique italics, providing a very functional palette for the task at hand. It supports all European Latin languages and it includes OpenType features like ligatures, old style and tabular figures or case e forms among others.

Fonts Sans-Serif
modern minimal corporate text geometric branding display sans grotesk identity contemporary grotesque modernism swiss modernist
  • Additions: Web Font,Documentation Included
  • Classification: Sans-Serif
  • Optimum size: Any Size
  • Spacing: Normal