Diversity Vol. 2

This is Volume 2 of the Diversity Avatars collection. This set contains familiar faces like rockstars, world leaders, civil rights and religious leaders, and famous footballers. There are also some friendly (and not so friendly) robots and normal folks like you and me.

Diversity Avatars is not just another product. The product was born out of hours of conversation between friends Ramy Wafaa, a designer from Egypt, and Scott Lewis, a designer and developer from the United States. We were searching for a project to work on to ���do��� something about our mutual concerns about the divisiveness and animosity we saw in the world. Diversity Avatars was the result.

We believe that in an increasingly inter-connected world, avatars should accurately represent different audiences and personas.

This is Volume 2 of 10. We will be publishing 1 new volume per month throughout 2018.

We spent several hours on each avatar researching the nuances of individuals and cultures. We wanted to make sure to avoid clicbiases. Each avatar is meticulously crafted on a 64 x 64 pixel grid and is available in SVG, PNG, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch format.

100 Avatar icons
Individual 128 x 128 px SVG files
IconJar Archive Included
PNGs in 64, 128, 256, & 512 pixels
Total of 10 volumes of 100 avatars each planned

Graphics Icons
people avatar trump messi ronaldo neymar robben iniesta suarez aguero zidane garreth bale gandhi obama
  • Additions: Vector
  • Applications supported: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch
  • File types: AI, SKETCH, PNG, SVG