Evelyn Script

Evelyn is elegant and another lovely modern calligraphy typefaces, which is combining the style of classic calligraphy with an modern style include in Evelyn 392 Glyphs. The Features of this fonts is :

*Discretionary Ligatures*Stylistic Alternates*Swash I- nitial and Terminal Forms that setting up in Contextual swashes ( This fonts is automatically setting the initial and terminal forms as default, and if you want to turn off the initial and terminal just click the button of the contextual swashes, it more easier than opening the glyph tab)Feel free to explore your imaginations. Can be used for various purposes, such as greeting card, editorial, branding, wedding invitation, quotes etc.

Fonts Script and Handwritten
elegant modern wedding calligraphy script alternate swash opentype bestseller
  • Classification: N/A
  • Optimum size: Small (Book / Magazine)
  • Spacing: Normal