The Development of Video Games Update

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A video game is an interaction between a human being and a user interface that sends feedback on the device being used. In the 1980s there existed arcade games where people would place coins to play any kind of game that interested them. Its popularity has declined due to the availability of video games in computers and mobile smart phones.

The controllers of a game include a mouse, joystick, keyboard, touchscreen and buttons as well. In the years of 2000, video games included vibration effects, haptic and virtual reality games. In the recent years, video games have become commercially important with this being shown from the generation of billions of dollars revenue annually. An example is the revenue of $74 billion in the United States in the year 2015. This shows a growing interest in the game sector.

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The development of video games includes programmers and graphic designers who for years have incorporated every kind of skill they obtain to develop more fun, advanced and entertaining games. In earlier days, a game would be produced by one person and brought to the market, however, more skilled people have been incorporated to come up with the different roles in one game. In producing a game, cinematography, programming, art, design work and much more are involved. This has hence led to the creation of more employment opportunities and also created room for innovation while at the same time contributing to the advancement in technology.

From the year 2000 to 2009, video games’ popularity grew at a faster rate. It is in these years that graphics was introduced to video games leading to the creation of more attention to these games.

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Here are the top best games of 2000 to 2009:

1. Final Fantasy XII

Final fantasy XII in 2006 brought a more realistic way of a battle with an invisible monster. It brought in to light the invisible monster you would previously run to smash. You could now see the monsters and battle with them bringing more fun to the game.

2. Metal Gear Solid 2 

This game came up in 2001 where a speed runner would finish a race in two hours. Though it received criticisms and sometimes failed, the game was one of the best that year since popularity and advancement in the industry had not been taken seriously.

3. Rock band 

Rock band came in 2007, an advancement of the Guitar Hero (a previous series). This brought the fantasy of drummers to pick up sticks and hit them four times before starting a song.

4.Super Mario Galaxy 

This 2007 game gained its popularity due to the gameplay twists it offers. At first, the girly-girl princess who does not deserve to be saved finally gains sympathy due to the many surprising outcomes the game offers.

5. Gears of War 2 

This game was developed in 2008 with a great advancement in the design of a gorgeous environment. It also brought in the experience of multiple players in video games making it one of the most innovative and interesting game in that year.

From the year 2010, many advanced and sequel games came on offer. Here are the best games of the years 2010 to 2023:

1. The Mafia II 

This game gained its popularity due to the obsession it contained. It is a sequel to Mafia. Its setting is a fictional city in New York with around 40 vehicles in the game. It also contains licensed music, news and commercials and in-game radio stations forming am interesting setting for a game.

2. Rage 

2011 is the year when games were made available on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

Rage is among the best video games in 2011. It shows the effect of the asteroid on earth. This is the uniqueness of the game as tries to show the future today.

3. Legends 

It is in 2012 that billions of cash were spent to include more games in the play store. This saw an increase in sales of games too.
Legends is a first-time shooter game to celebrate James Bond in movies.

4. FIFA 14 

This is a sports football video game of the year 2013 which is a sequel to FIFA 13. It brings the reality of playing football in a way that one feels part of the game.

5. Alien isolation is a 2014 game which is a first-person survival horror video game. Showing creativity.

6. Gears of War is an interesting game of 2016 where heavy a breeze to windstorms affects the performance of a weapon. This has proven to be more sophisticated but easy to learn the game as well.

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