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Don’t gamble it, be patient

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DiscombobulatedYak89 Comment : I remember going into some random outlet store with my mom when I was 11 or so a few months before the GS release. They had the Japanese imports in all their boxed glory behind glass for something like $49.99 (Gameboy games at that time cost around $30 as you probably remember). My heart nearly stopped when I saw them. I think the next few months were the most hyped I had EVER been for a video game both before or since, and they lived up to that hype and then some.

Created by SrGrafo

Just Nintendo things

created by Gabriel711

ammcneil Comment :

Kind of funny, Nintendo’s lack of sales is probably the easiest way to protect physical media.

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Digital sales is a bludgeon that game publishers use to squeeze extra profits out of a dying title. They make sure that the secondary value of a game is garbage. Retail outlets that have already purchased the game already gave the publisher their money, so no worries with the price of new dropping, while secondary market resale outlets have to compete with a sale price making it less, or even unprofitable to sell your game after market.

Finally it pushes people who would buy it after market (a case where the publisher gets zilch) to buying it direct from publisher or market place where the publisher gets money off the sale.

Like it or not, Nintendo’s method is the best way to keep independent game stores alive while also protecting the value of your purchased game if it continues to be a desirable title years later.

Take your time, you got this

GeekyMeerkat Comment

Them: I don’t think I like this game.

Me: But you haven’t even played it for 5 minutes and are still in the tutorial.

GraphicAxe Comment: I used to feel horrible when this happened, like I was some kind of boring loser. But I think it’s probably just a difference in tastes, since afterwards I began to notice that they never played that genre of game ever so they probably don’t enjoy it. That helped me feel better about myself. 😊

Free Games

NO Comment because game is game

You Gotta Swing Real Hard to Win

Created by DanbyDraws

Nickynui Comment : Me and my siblings got a Wii for Christmas one year. Me and my sister start up wii sports and the message saying “put the Wii strap on” pops up, to which I promptly ignore.Start up bowling, and on my first swing, the Wii remote flys out of my hand and into the tv. Luckily there was no damage to the tv (my parents still have it in the living room actually).Me and my sister were talking about this a couple weeks ago (keep in mind the story happened like a decade, or so, ago) and my mom was like “wait! You hit the tv with a Wii remote???” And we were just like “yeah…?”Good memories

Pretty Please

Created by authorsofwrestling

thesimplemachine Comment :

Shortly after Silent Hill came out I went with a friend of mine to his grandparents’ lakeside cabin to stay with them over the weekend. I was pretty young–it was the first time I had ever gone on vacation without my family–and I was pretty shy so I just stuck with my friend the whole time. He brought his Playstation and the only thing he wanted to do all weekend was play Silent Hill.

So I just sat there in a strange house with strange old people and watched him play this game from the moment we got out of bed until late into the night for three days straight. I was absolutely terrified. I could hardly sleep and wanted to go home so badly. His grandparents could tell something was up and were being super sweet, so I just had to tough it out and pretend I was having a good time.

I remember driving back into town Sunday night with his parents and when we passed the freeway exit that leads to my house I realized they weren’t taking me home until the next morning and my heart sank. Sure enough, all he did that night was play some more.

Anyway, the Silent Hill games are great and sometimes even having a buddy there can’t keep the spookies away.

Don’t fund your annoyance

Created by SrGrafo

High5Time Comment : If I’m not playing at 12:00 midnight my a**hole will literally explode with anger!!!

edit it was a joke, I’m aware there are logistical reasons some may chose to pre-order. But still, waiting a couple of days versus wasting $60 and being mad enough about your purchase to go online and post about it. It’s everyone’s choice. Outside of WoW expansions (quit two years ago) I haven’t bought a game on launch day since Halo 3.

The life of a gamer parent

ArchDucky Comment: When my cat woke me up at 2am, I would just bear hug her. Feeling her struggling to get free, cursing at me in cat language and finally running the fuck out of the bed room never got old. She finally realized I couldn’t bear hug her if she stood in the doorway and screamed like a crazy person which was less fun.

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