Watercolor and Pencil Action for Photoshop

Are you looking for a unique watercolor effect for your image?

A common concern amongst photo editors and graphic designers is the pesky, time sucking process of creating simulated effects for your images. Watercolor is one of these highly sought after effects. In the past, creators have had to use a plethora of vectors, gradients, brushes and effects to create something that might resemble an aquarelle piece.

Though many watercolor effects can be found online, few match the accuracy and authenticity of this Watercolor Action. With this simple action set for Adobe Photoshop, your watercolor image will create itself! The pains of creating your own effects on Photoshop are well known, many designers have spent hours tweaking contrast levels and adding layers to their image to give it that damp, beaded watercolor effect.

However, with the Watercolor Action all of this can be done in a matter of moments. Simply open your image and flatten it to a single layer. Once you are ready to transform your image into a watercolor masterpiece, select the Watercolor and Pencil action, which can be found in the Action section under the Window tab. The Action will then commence!

Action has been tested and found working with CS4, CS5, CS6, CC

All you need to do is watch and wait for your colorful image to be ready. The speed of the action will depend on your computer hardware; those with a faster processor will achieve the quickest results.

You will see your image has been modified to simulate a watercolor effect, filled with all the staple design aesthetics of the watercolor style. Images will be filled with simulated techniques ranging from blooms of soaked color through to buckling paper.

Watercolor artists will recognize the image straight away as a true watercolor image, bringing a flat picture to life with a true sense of depth and handmade style. No detail will be forsaken with this action as even the borders of your image will have the traditional deckled edging.

This practical action is ideal for images of all kinds, but higher resolution will result in a clearer finish, as with any design project. For the best results, use photos with a resolution between 1500px * 3500px (height * width) or higher.

Achromatic images will have a unique finishing style perfectly blending the whites, greys and blacks and tricking the viewer into believing the image was painted by hand. A full color image will have perfectly balanced hues, complete with beads of simulated water at the end of strokes to deliver the artisanal effect of an aquarelle artwork.

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